I have often thought that I should write a book on what I have done in this world in my sixty plus years!. Possibly by sectioning different periods and then dividing those into time sections. A good idea on the surface, but there would certainly be lots of additions, deletions, rearranging and so on - not to mention the reams of paper and handwriting. It would be quite a task in itself to make it interesting.

In todays world, of course, this type of ‘project’ is much easier using today’s ‘modern technology’! - the only stumbling block being how to use it, but with a little perseverance it can be mastered - we hope! - and its fun!

So - here we go - the start! - how long it will take to get up to-date is hard to say, but using the Internet it will be quite permanent - at least it will not get lost! - and to continue the journey will be easier! 

I have witnessed quite a few ‘firsts’ in my various professions - from computers, jet engines, prototype aircraft, space backup, communications, and consider myself quite lucky to have ‘been there’. I have indeed, had an interesting working life.

Oh - by the way - take a look at my pictures on ‘historypin’

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